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"Jessica unnie, you took good care of me since I was a trainee. You’re really caring. I think it’s because I resemble Krystal that it was easier for you to be nice to me"

JJ PROJECT with mark’s parents

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make me choose: jackson with a cap or jackson without a cap (asked by marktuanz)


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3/120 taeyeon’s stealing my heart



sounds like my type of man


                             The many (said) adjectives of Jessica Jung Sooyeon.

                        Thank God for letting one of His angel down on this earth.
                                     Thank God for lending us
제시카  정수연.
                                               Thank you for your existence.

                                                        Since 1989 April 18th.

                                                      I We love you, princess.

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Happy Birthday Jessica! 

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mark wants no part in this

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